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Growing Tomato Plants


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Cuthbert Greenhouse is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1951 by Robert H. Cuthbert to supply starter plants for the family's 30-acre vegetable farm located in Groveport, Ohio.

We produce a wide assortment of items throughout the year, such as Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Easter Lilies, Foliage, Spring Annuals, Fall Garden Mums, Cyclamen, and Poinsettias.

We supply products to a very diverse customer base, including several national retail chain accounts, greenhouses, florists, landscapers, churches, and other small businesses within a six-state region. 

Our company has gone through many different stages over the years to become a multi-acre greenhouse operation that is ranked in the top 100 growers in the United States. 


We have become a trusted name in the industry, taking pride in our quality product and outstanding customer service.  We look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Our History

1951 - 1974:  Robert, along with his wife Janet, and their four children, Ron, Wayne, Bob, and Joanne, saw the business through many different phases in the early years.  Starter plants led into them growing greenhouse tomatoes for some time.  When that market diminished, they shifted their focus into hybrid seed production, followed by cut flowers.  Finally, settling back into their roots, they began growing vegetable flats.

1975 - 1983:  After Robert's passing, Janet, Ron, Wayne, and Bob formed a partnership in 1975.  Janet handled the accounting, while the brothers continued to oversee the daily greenhouse operation.  This partnership lasted until the brothers took over the business in 1983.

1983 - 2005:  Deciding to take the company in a new direction, the brothers started growing annuals, in addition to vegetables, and began targeting retail chain accounts.  It was such a success that they had to expand every year just to keep up with the demand.  With Wayne and Bob in the greenhouse production and Ron handling sales, the brothers were able to completely change the focus of the company and established a name to trust in the industry.

2005 - present:  David, Brett, and Greg took over the family business after their fathers, Wayne and Bob, retired in 2005.  They are continually finding ways to grow the business into the future, following the footsteps of their fathers before them.  In 2019, they decided to shift the focus of the company towards producing upscale decorative containers.  Not only has this product line been well received by our core customer base, it has opened up a whole new market for growth.  We are developing a name for our upscale designs and the business keeps expanding in this direction.  

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