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Group Hug

Are you interested in running a fundraiser?  We have decades of experience to help you run a successful sale.  

  • Selling plants is a great way to raise funds for your organization, team, or school.

  • Members or students raise funds to reach a common goal.

  • Fundraisers are a great community outreach!



Christmas Fundraisers

What a great time to run a fundraiser!  Everyone seems to be a little more generous during the holidays.  Tis the season for finding that last minute gift and what could be more perfect than a beautiful Poinsettia! 


We carry a wide variety of Poinsettias in different varieties, colors, and sizes.  You can opt for Poinsettias in our standard pot covers or choose between any of our upscale decorative Poinsettia planters that come in many different styles to suit everyone's taste.  

Spring Fundraisers

We've learned over the years that people are very particular when it comes to their garden.  They prefer to pick out their plants to compliment their landscape, whether that be by specific colors or varieties, bedding flats, decorative planters or hanging baskets.  


Our solution is for your organization to sell gift certificates to our garden center, The Market at Cuthbert Greenhouse.  It's a win-win situation - you raise funds for your organization and the customer gets to choose what they want for their garden.  A no hassle fundraiser! 


You can sell the gift certificates for any amount that you choose and your organization will earn 15%  for every gift certificate sold. 

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